Friday, 30 September 2016

ICELAND VOLCANO: flight alert raised after Katla volcano was rocked by two earthquakes

Iceland has raised its aviation alert up a notch after several earthquakes hit one of the country's biggest volcanoes .
The tremors at the Katla volcano were the strongest since a string of quakes last month raised concerns over a possible eruption.
The alert only moved to the second lowest level of the four colour scale, but in 2010, ash from an eruption of the nearby Eyjafjallajokull volcano resulted in a major part of Europe's airspace having to close for several days.
The Icelandic Met Office said two quakes had shaken the Katla volcano in southern Iceland and that "an intense seismic swarm" had been experienced since Thursday morning.

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JAPAN STORM: Powerful storm to Smash Japan 3rd October

The Wind map is showing a Powerful Low pressure system developing in the Pacific Ocean.

Its set to strengthen and hurl Northwards very quickly. Wind Gust in excess of 60mph are expected from the storm which will hit the South Western portion of Japan on Monday the 3rd October.

This is just an Early Heads up. Be safe eveyone. God Bless you all.





Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Tourists evacuated as Indonesian volcano erupts

"A rescue team has been sent to Mount Rinjani to evacuate the tourists. They set off on Wednesday morning," he said.
Hikers have been told to keep at least 3 kilometres from the smouldering volcano, a key attraction on the multi-day trek to the summit of Mount Rinjani made by thousands of tourists every year.
Nugroho said 389 hikers were recorded as having entered the national park since Sunday, the overwhelming majority of them foreigners.
While most would have taken the official route to the summit, rescue teams suspected some hikers may have gone off-piste, Nugroho added.
The threat level of the volcano was upgraded Tuesday as Barujari sent plumes of smoke and hot ash into the atmosphere, but remains two steps from the highest-risk category.
There were no flight disturbances recorded on Wednesday due to the ash clouds, transport ministry spokesman Hemi Pramuraharjo told AFP.
Some flights to and from the nearby resort island of Bali were cancelled overnight, but Lombok's international airport remains unaffected.
Flight disruptions due to drifting ash clouds are not uncommon in Indonesia, which sits on a belt of seismic activity known as the Pacific Ring of Fire and is home to 130 active volcanoes.
An eruption at Mount Rinjani last month forced the closure of Lombok airport and disrupted some flights to neighbouring Bali.